Company Information

The company have two branches – one in Gauteng (3-Wheels Engineering CC) and one in Cape Town (3-Wheels Electrical (PTY) Ltd) operating solely on their own and independent from each other. The members being Mr. GG Beket (Giel), Mr. R Beket (Ruan) and Mr. E Beket (Eugene).

Mr GG Beket, Executive Director of 3-Wheels Engineering CC has been a registered MIE since 2001. He has assisted in the training of MIE students in the Legal codes applicable to Specialized Electrical Installations. He has also certified various Hazardous area installations from petrol depots, combustible dust installations and medical locations

Mr R Beket has been a registered IE since 2011. He has been in involved in the electrical industry for over 10 years and being the Executive Director of 3-Wheels Electrical working closely together with Mr. GG Beket in the hospital and hazardous locations.

Mr E Beket being a director have proved himself as a young and dynamic team leader amongst the employees and is directly involved with projects for the day to day running of projects.

3 Wheels Engineering

3 Wheels Engineering

The Company

3 Wheels Engineering and 3-Wheels Electrical is associated with locally based Engineers for the necessary designing and approvals. We also have an in-house design division which allows for the unique service of design and supply of various projects

Our Company has two main sections on which we focus:

  • Certification
  • Construction

We provide the following services with regards to projects:

  • Design
  • Material specifications
  • Construction and installation
  • Certification

Our Teams have extensive experience in the construction industry as well as the certification of electrical installations.